The Association for Higher Education Effectiveness (AHEE) is a network of higher education professionals who lead or staff offices that intentionally integrate multiple functions (strategic planning, institutional research, assessment, accreditation, program review) to promote and support evidence-based planning and improvement.


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Three-Part Blog Series: Enhancing Student Success in Colleges and Universities through an Integrated Institutional Effectiveness (IIE) Approach
Christopher Shults | IIE Blog Post, Part 1 of 3 | Parts 2 and 3 coming soon!

Integrating Institutional Effectiveness: Bringing the Pieces Together – AHEE/SCUP Webinar
Dennis Glenn, Lisa Castellino, Christopher Shults share their considerable expertise on integrating institutional effectiveness on one’s campus. | AHEE-SCUP | October 2018

Special AHEE interview with Daniel Seymour
Daniel is the author of several books important to the AHEE audience, including The Institutional Effectiveness Fieldbook: Creating Coherence in Colleges and Universities (with Michael Bourgeois), published in January 2018. [interview posted December 2017]

The Case for a Cabinet-Level Chief Institutional Effectiveness Officer at All Colleges and Universities
William Knight | AHEE | April 2016

A National Profile of Vice Presidents for Institutional Effectiveness
William Knight, Cynthia Tweedell | AHEE | April 2016

Presidential Perspectives on Advancing the Institutional Effectiveness Model
Brian Bartolini, William Knight, Sarah Carrigan, Eri Fujieda, Mary Ann LaFleur, Jan Lyddon | AHEE | April 2016